2015 TNQP rules released

2015 Rules are here.

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Results, part 2

Update to the results.

2014 Results

All certificates have been mailed. (quite some time ago!)

“Plaques” have been ordered and should be on-hand in about two weeks. They won’t really be plaques. I think you’ll find them interesting!

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Results are up!

Well, that shouldn’t have taken that long.  I apologize.  Here they are! https://tnqsoparty.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/tqp-2014-results-2-columns.pdf We’ll begin work on the certificates shortly.

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A few results notes

I expect we’ll have results in the next couple of days.

Scores are up significantly — at least in part due to the one-time extra bonus station (W1AW/4) and the change in scoring.  (3 points for phone QSOs instead of two)

As a result, we have our first million-point entry.  And another one that came VERY close.

More to come.

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