Make your plans for 2014!

The 2014 Tennessee QSO Party is sneaking up on us!  Make your plans now…  get your mobile ready, make sure that 40-meter antenna is working on both modes.  Get your Tennessee map ready for tracking those counties.

Please register your county.  This helps mobiles set their routes to fill in as many gaps as possible.

Thanks for participating!

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TNQP 2014 Date

The 2014 Tennessee QSO Party will be held on September 7th.  See you there!


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2013 TNQP Results

OK, I’m new to this and I don’t (yet) see a way to create tables so posting full results isn’t going to happen, at least not yet.

First-place winners, by category:


Single-op, high power, CW:     N4DW  338,836 (TNQP record)

Single-op, high power, phone: K4OWR  191,534 (TNQP record)

Single-op, high power, mixed: K4EDI  209,015

Single-op, low power, CW: N4AAI (SK) 209,388

Single-op, low power, phone: NE4TN 105,600 (TNQP record)

Single-op, low power, RTTY: AC4M 6,417

Single-op, low power, mixed: W9WI 271,500

Single-op, QRP, CW: W4DIT 2,704

Single-op, QRP, mixed: W4UT 94,588

Multi-op, high power, mixed: K4TCG 694,035

Multi-op, low power, phone: W4JUU 74,088

Multi-op, QRP, mixed: N4NA 165,226 (TNQP record)


Single-op, high power, mixed: AD8J 244,648 (TNQP record)

Single-op, low power, CW: NY4N 297,408

Single-op, low power, phone: WB4CHH 11,802

Single-op, QRP, CW: N2WN 26,120 (TNQP record)

Multi-op, low power, CW: N4ZZ 644,715

Multi-op, QRP, CW: NS2X 763 (TNQP record)


High power, CW: N6MA (AZ) 19,144

High power, phone: NA2NY (NY) 1,388

High power, mixed: K4BAI (GA) 74,768

Low power, CW: KV8Q 63,526

Low power, phone: NW5Q 2,300

Low power, mixed: VE7CV 34,360

QRP, CW: KE0G 16,079 (TNQP record)

QRP, phone: KA3UOL 848 (TNQP record)

QRP, mixed: AE8M 29,812

Multi-op, high power, phone: KC9YHB 608 (TNQP record)


Tennessee: Bristol ARC 648,027

Out of state: South East Contest Club 111,737


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TNQP 2013 Update 6

206 TNQP 2013 Logs Received

As of Tuesday, 01 October 2013 at 2345 CDT, there are 206 logs in the system. Thanks for your participation in the Tennessee QSO Party. To confirm our receipt of your log, find your call sign in the list of:  Logs Received

The deadline to submit your log is today, 2 October 2013. If you have not already done so, email your log to:  If you’ve submitted a log but your call does not appear on the list at Logs Received, please contact:

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