TNQP 2015 certificates

are in the mail…  Some of you have probably already received them.  It will probably take about a week to get all the U.S.-bound certificates mailed.  Those going to Canada and other countries will take a few days longer.

We’re still working on plaques.


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TNQP 2015: the results are in

The results are in.


Participation & scores were up over 2014.  93 of the 95 counties were activated.  Thanks to all for the participation!

Category winners:

  • SO-HP-CW: K1GU
  • SO-HP-PH: K4OWR  (category record)
  • SO-HP-Mixed: N4VV
  • SO-LP-CW: N8FF
  • SO-LP-RY: AG4P
  • SO-LP-Mixed: NA4K
  • SO-QRP-Mixed: N4NA
  • SO-LP-CW Mobile: W4SIG
  • SO-QRP-CW Mobile: N2WN
  • MO-HP-Mixed: K4TCG
  • MO-LP-PH: W4JUU  (category record)
  • MO-LP-CW Mobile: N4ZZ

Out of state:

  • HP-CW: VE3KZ
  • HP-Mixed: N4PN
  • LP-CW: K5LH
  • LP-PH: KO9V
  • LP-Mixed: N9JF
  • QRP-CW: K3TW  (category record)
  • QRP-Mixed: K8MR


  • TN: Bristol ARC
  • OoS: FRC



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188 logs received so far.

Here is list of logs received. This will be updated nightly as long as logs continue to arrive.

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TNQP 2015: first logs preliminary checks

As of Tuesday night we have 135 logs received & checked. (log #136 is non-Cabrillo and will get typed in tomorrow)

92 of the 95 counties appear in at least one log. That’s a pretty good showing!

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