2015 TNQP date

Tentatively, the 2015 Tennessee QSO Party will be held on Sunday, September 6th.

(object now, if you must :) )

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Logchecking in progress

Logchecking has begun.  See the “Logs Received” page to make sure your entry is in the system.  You have until October 8th to get it in.

Thanks for participating!

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It’s over — for now

My apologies for the delayed post-contest post..  Poorly-timed vacation:), I was in Wisconsin the week after the TNQP.

Looks like things were pretty busy.

As of a week after the contest I have 133 Cabrillo logs .  I have two additional computer logs in non-Cabrillo formats and three paper logs.  I expect these will be complete and checkable.  If you sent a log by email, you should have received a response confirming that your email was received.  If you didn’t, please try sending your log again.

I have an email with an incomplete computer log.  And I have two emails that claimed to have logs attached, but on which I can’t find a log.  These three entrants have been contacted; if they’re able to get me a complete log in time, they will be checked too.

I have a very possessive cat.

I’ll post a list of logs received in a couple of days once I’ve been able to make sure the logs I have can be read by the checking process.

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Make your plans for 2014!

The 2014 Tennessee QSO Party is sneaking up on us!  Make your plans now…  get your mobile ready, make sure that 40-meter antenna is working on both modes.  Get your Tennessee map ready for tracking those counties.

Please register your county.  This helps mobiles set their routes to fill in as many gaps as possible.

Thanks for participating!

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