TNQP 2013 Update 6

206 TNQP 2013 Logs Received

As of Tuesday, 01 October 2013 at 2345 CDT, there are 206 logs in the system. Thanks for your participation in the Tennessee QSO Party. To confirm our receipt of your log, find your call sign in the list of:  Logs Received

The deadline to submit your log is today, 2 October 2013. If you have not already done so, email your log to:  If you’ve submitted a log but your call does not appear on the list at Logs Received, please contact:

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I enjoy gardening, keeping bees, the outdoors, especially State & Local Parks and Greenways, and geocaching. I am also a fan of the Tennessee Vintage Base Ball League (Go Scouts!).
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One Response to TNQP 2013 Update 6

  1. Edward moore says:

    When will the results from 2013 be available?

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