TNQP 2010 certificates/results

The first batch went out this noon.  They’ll continue to go out in batches over the next few weeks as time permits.

Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View, TN  EM66

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2 Responses to TNQP 2010 certificates/results

  1. Jim Brown says:

    I am very disappointed by the posting of these results, and the accompanying writeup. I put in a serious effort, posting a score of 31K from 2,000 miles away with LOW POWER, but got zero recognition in the writeup and no certificate. K9JF got no recognition for his great score from WA (that beat mine), also with Low Power, nor did OK2EC or HA1AG for very good Low Power scores from EU. Today is the day of TNQP for this year, and I am far less motivated to put in ANY effort at all, let alone the serious effort I did last year.

    73, Jim K9YC

  2. Anthony M. Durante says:

    It is better to give then to get. You can judge the character of a person by how he treats others who can do nothing for him. you can give better effort but you may not win,that is why it is called a sport. 73 tony W6AMD

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