Listen up all you diddlers.   K4TCG will operate using RTTY at the bottom of the hour, 25-35 minutes +/- past the hour, and 80 kHz up from the lower band edge, e.g., 3580, 14080, again +/- a little.

They will probably operate RTTY on 15 and 20M for the first half of TNQP, then on 40 and 80M during the later hours.

K4TCG will of course be on CW and/or SSB for the entire QSO Party, so be sure to log them on all bands and using all three modes for those bonus points.  They will NOT be operating any other digital modes during TNQP 2011, so to get them on digital, fire up that RTTY.

See you on the radio Sunday!


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