2013 TNQP Results

OK, I’m new to this and I don’t (yet) see a way to create tables so posting full results isn’t going to happen, at least not yet.

First-place winners, by category:


Single-op, high power, CW:     N4DW  338,836 (TNQP record)

Single-op, high power, phone: K4OWR  191,534 (TNQP record)

Single-op, high power, mixed: K4EDI  209,015

Single-op, low power, CW: N4AAI (SK) 209,388

Single-op, low power, phone: NE4TN 105,600 (TNQP record)

Single-op, low power, RTTY: AC4M 6,417

Single-op, low power, mixed: W9WI 271,500

Single-op, QRP, CW: W4DIT 2,704

Single-op, QRP, mixed: W4UT 94,588

Multi-op, high power, mixed: K4TCG 694,035

Multi-op, low power, phone: W4JUU 74,088

Multi-op, QRP, mixed: N4NA 165,226 (TNQP record)


Single-op, high power, mixed: AD8J 244,648 (TNQP record)

Single-op, low power, CW: NY4N 297,408

Single-op, low power, phone: WB4CHH 11,802

Single-op, QRP, CW: N2WN 26,120 (TNQP record)

Multi-op, low power, CW: N4ZZ 644,715

Multi-op, QRP, CW: NS2X 763 (TNQP record)


High power, CW: N6MA (AZ) 19,144

High power, phone: NA2NY (NY) 1,388

High power, mixed: K4BAI (GA) 74,768

Low power, CW: KV8Q 63,526

Low power, phone: NW5Q 2,300

Low power, mixed: VE7CV 34,360

QRP, CW: KE0G 16,079 (TNQP record)

QRP, phone: KA3UOL 848 (TNQP record)

QRP, mixed: AE8M 29,812

Multi-op, high power, phone: KC9YHB 608 (TNQP record)


Tennessee: Bristol ARC 648,027

Out of state: South East Contest Club 111,737


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