It’s over — for now

My apologies for the delayed post-contest post..  Poorly-timed vacation:), I was in Wisconsin the week after the TNQP.

Looks like things were pretty busy.

As of a week after the contest I have 133 Cabrillo logs .  I have two additional computer logs in non-Cabrillo formats and three paper logs.  I expect these will be complete and checkable.  If you sent a log by email, you should have received a response confirming that your email was received.  If you didn’t, please try sending your log again.

I have an email with an incomplete computer log.  And I have two emails that claimed to have logs attached, but on which I can’t find a log.  These three entrants have been contacted; if they’re able to get me a complete log in time, they will be checked too.

I have a very possessive cat.

I’ll post a list of logs received in a couple of days once I’ve been able to make sure the logs I have can be read by the checking process.

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