2015 TNQP rules released

2015 Rules are here.

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2 Responses to 2015 TNQP rules released

  1. Harold sharland says:

    I (N2BFD) will not be on the air from Claiborne County this year,.

  2. Randy, KA4AQM says:

    I posted my feedback from the TNQSOP on my summary sheet, so I won’t relist it here. For the amt of time I spent on the QSOP, I had a great time. I will recommend here that the TNQSOP folks who run the party are serious about increasing particiaption, refer to the VAQSOP website run by the Sterling Park ARC. Just take a look at it and get some ideas from it. I know I am prejudice when I say this, but they have their stuff together when it comes to running a QSOP. It is prehaps close to the Gold standard both before and after the QSOP. Just saying……

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