TNQP 2015: first logs preliminary checks

As of Tuesday night we have 135 logs received & checked. (log #136 is non-Cabrillo and will get typed in tomorrow)

92 of the 95 counties appear in at least one log. That’s a pretty good showing!

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3 Responses to TNQP 2015: first logs preliminary checks

  1. I will try to submit as soon as I can, sorry for the delay (I used the old pencil/paper method).

  2. Chris says:

    I just double-checked my spam folder, and I didn’t receive a robot confirmation. Can you verify that the log for the Cleveland Amateur Radio Club was received?

  3. w9wi says:

    Chris, assuming you’re talking about W4GZX, I can confirm the log was received.

    See the list of received logs on this link . (assuming it links:) )

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