TNQP 2021 results

2021 results are in:

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2 Responses to TNQP 2021 results

  1. Christopher Scheiner says:

    N9GX here. Thanks so much to the organizers and to the TCG for our state’s QSO party. This contest is a blast. Perfect length, over a holiday weekend with Labor Day to log-check. I learned a lot, and was thrilled to receive a BEAUTIFUL plaque for my QRP station. Next year, I hope to push for both more NVIS/TN counties, and work the west coast on contest day if the bands open up. My 40m QRP signal can’t make it reliably beyond an imaginary N-S line drawn somewhere in the middle of KS-OK. Nightlight power only goes so far on SSB, after all. Please check out my QRZ page for station description, and keep an ear out for me if you’re activating POTA!

    • AC6ZM says:

      Christopher, we are so glad you enjoyed the TNQP and the plaque. We look forward to seeing you next year… de AC6ZM

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