K4TCG Bonus Stations Active In TNQP 2020

TNQP Bonus Station – K4TCG

Sunday, 6 September 2020

K4RO, K3IE, NY4N, and AF4T will be running a distributed Multi-Multi during Sunday’s Tennessee QSO Party.

  1. Kirk will be signing K4TCG/CHEA from Cheatham County,
  2. Jeff will be signing K4TCG/DICK (including RTTY) from Dickson County,
  3. Hunter will be signing K4TCG/WILL from Williamson County, and
  4. Doug will be signing K4TCG/WASH from Washington County.

All four stations will count for bonus points even if worked on the same band/mode, so work ’em early and work ’em often.  And don’t forget to check 15 & 20m, and don’t forget to look for RTTY stations (including bonus station K4TCG/DICK).


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TNQP is Sunday, 6 September 2020

Tennessee QSO Party
Sunday, 6 September 2020

TNQP Rules

Tennessee stations should register the counties they plan to activate here:


Register your Tennessee county here

Here’s what we have so far:  Counties Active


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Results are in

My apologies for the delays in getting this out there…  The results are in.

Despite poor propagation, participation was excellent this year.  The only year with more entries was 2017.  QSO totals were up 18% over last year.  Only one record was set this year.  Illinois’ WS9V, operating with the help of KD9GKL, was our first out-of-state multiop QRP entry.

I’m finalizing the certificates right now.  Hopefully they’ll start appearing over the weekend.

Please mark September 6th, 2020 in your calendar for the next running of the TNQP.  Thanks for entering in 2019!


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Please check your logs

We’ve received three logs for contests other than the Tennessee QSO Party.  We like Texas and Ohio, but we expect them to score their own QSO Parties(grin).

Please check your Cabrillo file before sending, and make sure you’re sending the right Cabrillo file.


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