TNQP 2020 Is In The Books

Wow!!! That was fun! Let’s play two.

Thanks to all who participated in the 2020 Tennessee QSO Party. The logs are pouring in, and we are looking forward to another banner year. All logs are due by 7 October 2020, but why wait? If you have not yet submitted your log, send it in Cabrillo format to

Once your log is received and confirmed readable, your callsign will appear on the Logs Received page. In some cases it may take 4 to 5 days before your callsign is listed, so don’t panic if it doesn’t appear immediately. However, if after 5 days you don’t see your callsign, contact to inquire.

Thanks again to all who participated, including everyone who activated a Tennessee county and especially those mobile stations who filled in the gaps. We should know within a few days if all 95 counties were on the air. Stay tuned.


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Awards Added for 2020 TNQP

Breaking news: The Tennessee Contest Group has added two new awards to their already generous offerings for the 2020 Tennessee QSO Party.

Awards added for 2020 TNQP

  1. Out Of State – Most Counties: The out-of-state station that logs the highest number of counties during TNQP 2020
  2. In State – Most Counties: The in-state station that logs the highest number of counties during TNQP 2020
The fine print: If two or more stations tie for the most counties logged award during TNQP 2020, the station that reaches that number first will receive the award. Only two awards will be given for most counties, one for the out-of-state winner and one for the in-state winner.



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K4TCG Bonus Stations Active In TNQP 2020

TNQP Bonus Station – K4TCG

Sunday, 6 September 2020

K4RO, K3IE, NY4N, and AF4T will be running a distributed Multi-Multi during Sunday’s Tennessee QSO Party.

  1. Kirk will be signing K4TCG/CHEA from Cheatham County,
  2. Jeff will be signing K4TCG/DICK (including RTTY) from Dickson County,
  3. Hunter will be signing K4TCG/WILL from Williamson County, and
  4. Doug will be signing K4TCG/WASH from Washington County.

All four stations will count for bonus points even if worked on the same band/mode, so work ’em early and work ’em often.  And don’t forget to check 15 & 20m, and don’t forget to look for RTTY stations (including bonus station K4TCG/DICK).


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TNQP is Sunday, 6 September 2020

Tennessee QSO Party
Sunday, 6 September 2020

TNQP Rules

Tennessee stations should register the counties they plan to activate here:


Register your Tennessee county here

Here’s what we have so far:  Counties Active


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