TNQP 2019 is in the log

Thanks to all who participated in the 2019 running of the Tennessee QSO Party. Conditions could have been better, much better in fact, but 80M held up late in the day when our mobile stations and bonus station kept the airways active.

The logs are pouring in at a pretty good clip, and the Logs Received page has been updated. If you have not yet sent in your log,  please email it in Cabrillo file format to All logs are due by October 2, 2019.

Thanks again!


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You can win one of these TNQP Plaques!

All you need to do is:

(1) Get on-the-air Sept 1st, 2019 (Any mode) – see rules at

(2) Contact as many Tennessee stations and counties as possible

(3) Submit your log to

Note: Electronic or Cabrillo formatted logs preferred

***Tennessee Contest Group – Celebrating over 25 Years of Contesting Fun***

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TNQP is Sunday, 1 September 2019

Tennessee QSO Party
Sunday, 1 September 2019

TNQP Rules

Tennessee stations should register the counties they plan to activate here:


Register your Tennessee county here

Here’s what we have so far:  Counties Active


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TNQP 2018 – Results are in

The 2018 results are in. Winners, by category:

  • Tennessee:
  • Mobile, Multiop, low power, CW: N4ZZ 372,230
  • Mobile, Singleop, low power, CW: W9WI 92,060
  • Multiop, high power, mixed: K4TCG 643,860
  • Multiop, high power, phone: WV4P 289,189
  • Multiop, low power, mixed: W4XK 85,660
  • Singleop, high power, CW: N4IR 67,063
  • Singleop, high power, mixed: N4VV 202,210
  • Singleop, high power, phone: KC4NX 297,670
  • Singleop, low power, CW: W4UT 63,913
  • Singleop, low power, mixed: W4RTN 240,284
  • Singleop, low power, phone: KK4OVW 31,198
  • Singleop, QRP, CW: N4NA 26,212
  • Out-of-state:
  • Multiop, low power, mixed: N1SOH 9,600 (Massachusetts)
  • Singleop, high power, CW: W5TM 30,066 (Oklahoma)
  • Singleop, high power, mixed: WT2P 23,484 (Illinois)
  • Singleop, high power, phone: VE2GT 443 (Quebec)
  • Singleop, low power, CW: K4BYN 20,009 (North Carolina)
  • Singleop, low power, mixed: N8II 55,384 (West Virginia)
  • Singleop, low power, phone: N7MZW 2,618 (Wyoming)
  • Singleop, QRP, CW: KE0TT 7,652 (Minnesota)
  • Singleop, QRP, Mixed: K3TW 26,023 (Florida)
  • Clubs:
  • Out-of-state: Society of Midwest Contesters 104,384
  • In-state: Bristol ARC 19,598

Certificates and copies of the results have been emailed to all winners.

Thanks for entering the 2018 TNQP; we’ll see you in September for TNQP 2019!

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