Annual Results

  • TNQP_2017 (pdf) – AB4GG (TN), WX4G (OoS)
  • TNQP 2015 (pdf) – W4SIG (TN), VE3KZ (OoS)
  • TNQP 2009 (pdf)  – K4BP (TN), W0BH (OoS)
  • TNQP 2008 (pdf)  – W4NZ (TN),  N8II (OoS)
  • TNQP 2007 (pdf) – W4NZ (TN),  W0BH (OoS)
  • TNQP 2005 (pdf) – N4ZZ (TN),  K9EU (OoS)
  • TNQP 2004 (pdf) – K4LTA (TN),  K9CW (OoS)
  • TNQP 2003 (pdf) – K4AMC (TN),  N9JF (OoS)
  • TNQP 2002 (pdf) – K0EJ (TN),  N4IG (OoS)
  • TNQP 2001 (pdf) – NA4K (TN),  AA9KH (OoS)
  • TNQP 2000 (pdf) – K4LTA (TN), KG4BIG (OoS)him and
  • TNQP 1997 (pdf)  – KF4ZR (TN), WA3HAE (OoS)

TNQP Records

The current record holders are listed in the 2014 Results pdf.



3 Responses to Results

  1. Mike VE9AA says:

    Just received my 2013 plaque for the TN QP. Couldn’\t be happier. Love it ~!
    Thanks everyone.
    Mike VE9AA

  2. Mike says:

    Just received my barn board from Marks place. Very nice. Thanks for the nice party and the nice plaque. It was a total surprise ! Mike VE9AA

  3. Jeff Miller says:

    I wanted to thank the fine folks at K4TCG for the beautiful barn wood plaque. Its already mounted in the shack and I shall definitely cherish it. Thank you very much! See you in September. 73 Jeff Miller WB8WKQ

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