Welcome to the Tennessee QSO Party for 2023.

We will meet on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend (September 3, 2023) and hope you will be with us for our annual Radiosport event. Full information for our annual TNQP Contest can be found under Rules dropdown tab.

Our bonus station is K4TCG and will be active, so be sure to work it.
We will also have mobile stations activating many of the 95 counties in Tennessee.

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9 Responses to Welcome to the Tennessee QSO Party for 2023.

  1. Glenn R. Snow says:

    Labor Day weekend is a terrible weekend to have the TQP!!! People will be traveling, attending local functions, visiting, having visitors, and it is the last holiday weekend of the summer. ARGH! Please rethink this.
    If memory is correct it was the same last year. No way I nor many others can participate during this weekend.

    • AC6ZM says:


      Sorry the TNQP does not align well with your schedule. Its a great event with nice awards. Do join this fun radio event if you change your mind. 73 de AC6ZM

    • William Hickman says:

      I agree, bad timing as I will be out of town with family, to bad

  2. Frank Wells says:

    I don’t mean to ask a stupid question but I’m new to contesting here and would like to be a part of this. Do I have to be a member of the TN Contest Group to give out the TN county I live in? Or is it open for any TN station? I don’t want to mess things up for others that are participating by giving out my county if it won’t count to help them.

  3. tedw3tb says:

    Welcome, Frank. There are no stupid questions here.
    It takes a while when new to figure out such things. All the state QSO parties have their own rules, and there are wide differences.

    Tennessee QSO Party is very much an open event, and we invite your participation.
    Tennessee stations work anyone, and out-of-state stations work Tennessee.

    Yes the exchange is a signal report RS(T) and county or state/province like 599 KNOX as an example. There is a listing of 4-letter abbreviations for the 95 Tennessee counties on the website tnqp.org
    You will find mobile and portable stations signing their callsign and /abbreviation which will change as they move counties. Like K4TCG/KNOX for example. K4TCG is our club callsign and is worth extra points.

    Lots of bands are available, but you will find the most activity on 20 and 40 meters and evening on 80 meters. That website has a drop-down called Rules with full details and a link to how to submit your score with a Cabrillo file.

    Glad you will be with us! And welcome!

  4. Jesse Rogers says:

    Sorry for the last minute question. The rules state Phone – SSB. Is FM simplex allowed? We will be activating the Cleveland ARC for this event. Its been a few years since we have done the TNQP, so if I have asked you previously, sorry.

  5. Chris Scheiner (N9GX) says:

    My second year, and the 2022 contest was crazy fun again- but different. Not only were we all dealing with rain and thunderstorms in most of the state, but a moderate (K=6) geomagnetic storm as well! 20m and down were all just…gone… Too bad, SSB QRP at 40m is pretty much one hop and done, I cant get much further west than Dallas on good days. On 20 and 15 I can get out to the west coast (sometimes) – not to be this year. Anyway, I had to hunt for multiplier states I usually don’t have any problems getting into. After sunset, and a soaked lawn increasing ground conductivity, I’m pretty sure my 40m pattern flattened out a bit and the ionosphere cooperated enough to open up New England and a few great plains states. Remarkable how patterns changed through the day. Rewarding in its own way.

    As a long aside/mini-review, I highly recommend N3FJP’s TN QSO Party’s specific logging tool. I tried all of the TN Contest Group’s recommendations, and after playing with a few of them last week, this was the winner for me. Super easy to set up, doesn’t try to be a “do everything” program, easy to use, and the interface is awesome. It shows you everything you need for the contest, tracks all of your multipliers, and even gives you a QSO/hr rate over 60 and 20 min to see how you’re trending. Well worth the whopping $8 for the isolated TN QSO package alone. You don’t need to hook your rig up to it, but if you do it will log your frequency automatically. The hardest part is setting up your com ports – just remember to do it in pairs (like Com3-Com4) and it works like a charm. I did it “accidentally” and was pleasantly rewarded with automatic frequency logging. When the contest was over, it spat out a Cabrillo file that uploaded flawlessly. Less than 5 minutes prep time to send my log, I just filled out the fields like “name” and “power”. Just be aware that while the download of the logging software is instant, and you pay with paypal, N3FJP has to send you the key by e-mail. I got mine in less than 2 hrs on a Friday, but I would advise buying it a week out. I spent more money on the coffee I drank Sunday than this program!

    Anyway thanks to the organizers, beautiful job with last year and looking forward to see how thinks shake out again in 2022.

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