Welcome to the Tennessee QSO Party for 2022.

We will meet on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend (Sept 4, 2022) and hope you will be with us for our annual Radiosport event. Full information for our annual TNQP Contest can be found under Rules.

Our bonus station K4TCG will be active so be sure to work it.
We will also have mobile stations activating many of the 95 counties in Tennessee.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the Tennessee QSO Party for 2022.

  1. Glenn R. Snow says:

    Labor Day weekend is a terrible weekend to have the TQP!!! People will be traveling, attending local functions, visiting, having visitors, and it is the last holiday weekend of the summer. ARGH! Please rethink this.
    If memory is correct it was the same last year. No way I nor many others can participate during this weekend.

    • AC6ZM says:


      Sorry the TNQP does not align well with your schedule. Its a great event with nice awards. Do join this fun radio event if you change your mind. 73 de AC6ZM

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